About EnergyWise

EnergyWise provides energy efficiency, lower expenses, improved indoor air quality, noise reduction, and superior performance. They have developed the MOST comprehensive, easy-to-understand construction plan review and modification program available anywhere. Their proprietary software was derived from the experience of NASA thermal consultants on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs. This unique tool allows EnergyWise to create a detailed energy analysis report from each building plan they review. The report accurately projects the heating and cooling consumption, comparative savings, and the optimal heating and cooling system sizing for your home or building. Best of all, the energy usage calculations and incredible energy savings are GUARANTEED in writing!

“Everyone has heard a story that sounded too good to be true. When urethane foam manufacturer Demilec USA first heard about Best Homes, they had to check it out for themselves. They were told that during the hottest summer ever on record in Texas with an average temperature of 102°F and keeping the thermostat at 75°F, Mike Murphy’s company had built a 2,414 square foot model home that had a cooling bill of only $43.69 for the month of August, 2011. Even though Demilec USA said that it sounded too good to be true, when they looked into the story further, they found that all of the properties Best Homes was building were performing similarly.”

Saavy Builder Magazine

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